Unveiling Razzia’s Makeover

Sue Rohrer, a well-known local interior designer from Zollikon, deployed her unique expertise to bring a modern and refreshing experience to our guests. By using a variety of plants, palm trees, and new lighting, Razzia was transformed from an impressive room to a magnificent restaurant, which combines historic architecture with a modern look. Our renowned giraffe sculpture, which has always been Razzia’s star attraction, is now feels perfectly at home in its natural habitat. 

The new interior design seamlessly reflects our philosophy of dining as a conscious act. Our process of choosing the products is purposeful and meticulous, and although not all our products are locally sourced, we always take local farmers into consideration. Offering exquisite marbled beef as well as creative vegetarian dishes, we do not judge meat lovers, but we inform our guests about the availability of certain cuts, as the animal only has a limited amount of them to offer. Razzia embraces different cultures around the world, and we are certain you will enjoy our contemporary cuisine with an original exotic twist. Moreover, digital versions of our menu are now available on our website, so make sure to check it out here

Come eat, drink and experience Razzia’s transformation, where life needs to reason to celebrate.