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Razzia is in upheaval

Let’s go again! The Zurich Razzia Restaurant & Bar, with its long, traditional history, is in upheaval. Mike Gut, Zurich restaurateur for many years, is well versed in the profession and, among other things, owner of the trendy Seehaus in Herrliberg, takes over the restaurant and introduces a new, fresh and surprising pop-up concept.

The new concept builds a culinary bridge between history, tradition and classic gastronomy to modernity and art. Here, old traditions and selected ingredients come across fresh interpretations, regional products and a young cuisine without rigid rules that meet the spirit of the time. The grill is celebrated as the centerpiece and gets a fine, fresh and colorful Asian impact.


The position of managing director is occupied by Philipp Brockmann, who has been successfully established in the Zurich gastronomy scene for many years.

Ekundayo Oduwaiye takes over the culinary responsibility, who spoils our guests with a lot of passion and passion.